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    荷蘭網 / 電焊網片
    Euro Fence / Welded Mesh Panels
    Supply with big wire dianmeter and large width from heavy welded mesh .
    Various speciflcations of products can be made up to the request of the customers.

    Welded Fence Mesh in 30M roll,width of 0.5M-2.4M

    網孔(Mesh) 絲規
    (wire diameter)
    英寸(inch) mm  
    1/2x1″ 12.5mm x 25mm 1.2mm-3mm
    1"x1″ 25mm x 25mm 2.0mm-3.5mm
    1"x2″ 25mm x 50mm 2.0mm-4mm
    2"x2″ 50mm x 50mm 2.0mm-6mm
    2"x3″ 50mm x 75mm 2.0mm-8mm
    3"x3″ 75mm x 75mm 2.0mm-8mm
    2"x4″ 50mm x 100mm 2.0mm-8mm
    4"x4″ 100mm x 100mm 2.0mm-8mm
    5"x5″ 125mm x 125mm 2.0mm-8mm
    6"x6″ 150mm x 150mm 2.0mm-8mm